Meteorite SR0106: Zagami
1 cm scale cube


SR0106:   Zagami

Meteorite Classification: Martian Shergottite
Weight: 1.2 grams
Description: Partial Slice
Maximum Dimensions: 12mm x 7mm x 7mm
Discovery Location: Nigeria (1962)
Published in: NHM Catalog of Meteorites

Price: $1,140 Sold

Zagami is a typical Shergottite a cumulate basalt with oriented pyroxene crystals, suggesting it crystallized out of molten magma and accumulated in a magma chamber as it cooled. This planetary achondrite is from beneath the surface of Mars. It is likely bedrock blasted out by a crater forming impact.

Easily visible in this particular specimen are veins of shock glass formed during the impact that ejected this rock from Mars and into an Earth crossing orbit. Near the lower right corner in the photo, one can see where the shock wave generated by the force of this impact melted some of the stone into glass.