Meteorite SR0163: NWA 2977
1 mm scale lines


SR0163:   NWA 2977

Meteorite Classification: Lunar Gabbro
Weight: 0.8 grams
Description: Partial Slice
Maximum Dimensions: 17mm x 15mm x 1mm
Discovery Location: Northwest Africa (2005)
Published in: Meteoritical Bulletin #90

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Laboratory analysis determined this space rock is an olivine-rich cumulate Gabbro. It is thought to be a large Gabbro clast that was part of a larger polymict regolith breccia before it fragmented into many separate pieces during its entry into the Earth's atmosphere. NWA 2977 is most likely a sample of lunar bedrock.

This small piece of the Moon is a gorgeous sight with only the naked eye, but a hand lens or low power microscope will reveal a spectacular scene of yellowish green olivine crystals, grayish white pyroxene crystals, white plagioclase feldspar crystals, and veins of black impact shock glass. The view is absolutely breathtaking and a truly awesome experience!